Morning Chai -

The color combination of the creamy chai in the blue mug on our stained wood table was just too lovely not to capture. Add my best friend sitting beside me and the morning was quite complete.IMG_0728eIMG_0734e_blogP.S, I’m beginning a 365 Photo Challenge today through the Delight & Be Blog. So I’ll be including the tag Delight365 to this post and to others I post up with photos from it.

Impressions -

From where have they come and to where do they go? What has caused them to disturb this perfect plane of untouched snow with their footsteps? One might imagine they are on a great mission; though they just as likely are walking for no great reason at all, except to enjoy the beauties of winter. The mystery of it all intrigues the mind to imagination. Motives aside, the maker of these tracks is human. They have a life. They smile and they cry. They love and they disdain. It is ordinary because we all experience these things, and yet extraordinary because these feelings and thoughts are unique to the perspective of this single person.

The beauty is that all of these thoughts stem from the simple disruption of newly fallen snow.